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Buying & selling a Business is an involved process that demands discretion and expertise at every step in order to be completed with success. We have the experience and market knowledge to help you manage all phases of the business listing and sale to achieve the best return on your business.  

We have sold thousands of businesses over the years.  No matter what kind of business you want to sell, or to buy, our proven system has helped thousands of people just like you to be successful.

If you have any question either selling or buying business, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are very happy to assist you anyway we can so you achieve your goal.


  What is my business worth ?

  This will be the first question we get from a business owner.   It really depends on what kinds of business you have, how much inventory, sale, profit, and so on.... Not to mention times change and so do the rules of thumb. There are no simple answers and it require professional opinions. Because of our experience, we can give you professional advise on how much your business worth.
Please call for more information. You can ask for one of our certified appraisers or the office manager.

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